<!--start anatagli code-->
<script>var anatagli_site_ids = anatagli_site_ids || []; anatagli_site_ids.push([ifsoDKI type="querystring" parameter="code" fallback="XX-XXX"]);</script> <script async src=""></script>
<!--end anatagli code-->
Instructions for installing our tracking code our your website.
Keeping along the theme of simple, Anatagli Analytics works awesome for those businesses or website owners who aren't super technical.  
One simple item to add to your site header.
Standard Installation
1. Grab the site-specific code highlighted above and add it to within your header code.  That's it.
Additional Installations
Google Tag Manager
Google Tag Manager (GTM) is a powerful tool to easily manage the various javascript tags on your site without having to edit your site beyond the initial install of GTM. If you use GTM, you'll be happy to learn that Anatagli is fully compatible with it..

Follow the instructions below:
1. login to GTM. Go into the 'overview' section and add a new tag.
2. Name your tag, select the 'Custom HTML Tag' option, paste in the code above, add a rule to fire on all pages, and save.
3. Publish your changes. Done!
Wordpress Self Hosted
1. Install the following plug-in
2. Once active click on settings > Headers/Footers
3. Install site-specific code above 
4. Save
GoDaddy (Website Builder)
Please follow the instructions on this page to install javascript on a GoDaddy site built with Website Builder.

IMPORTANT: GoDaddy doesn't allow code to be added to mobile versions of sites. So you will only be able to track the desktop versions.
Bigcommerce has an area to paste in a Google Analytics tracking code. You can use this same 'feature' to paste in tracking codes from other services such as Anatagli, of course. 
In the Bigcommerce control panel, go to Setup & Tools > Set up your store > Web Analytics. 
Check the box next to Google Analytics, then Save. 
Click the Google Analytics tab that appears at the top of the page. 
Paste your tracking code into the text box and Save changes. Done!.